Redneck Fishing

2012 Original Redneck Fishing Tournament

The first or "Original" Redneck Fishing Tournament was held in September 2004 as part of an attempt to rid the waters of the Illinois River of Silver Asian Carp.
This annual event brings nearly 4000 people to Bath IL wanting to see or catch the flying fish. Though many invasive fish are caught and removed from river, it seems most folks main goal is to have a good time.

Teams prepare the boat and equipment for the first heat of the 2012 Though it is not required to where outreagous costumes in order to catch the Asian Carp as the jump from the water, it does add to the fun! The teams leave Connie Creason waits for the first fish to jump with in reach. The fish react to the sound of the boats, so moving in close to another boat helps. The excitement begins as the fish start jumping. Troy Callahan gets ready for the next school to start jumping. Sometimes they will jump straight into the boats. Chompers stayed very intersted in the fish.